The people of MPC have a meme: “Raped by Gay Dad, Now a FAG!” It’s supposed to shock you into homophobia or something. But that got me thinking: what if you actually were raped by your gay dad?

In my view, society should not do anything at all to “combat” incestuous rape. That doesn’t mean that I support incestuous rape – for example, I don’t personally want gay dads to turn their straight sons into faggots by anally raping them. But I accept this phenomenon as inevitable and as a part of the human experience, and I have no desire to do anything at all to stop it; likewise, I don’t personally want there to be necrophilia, yet I simply have no desire to stop it from occurring. Theoretically, if I could press a magical button and instantly eliminate the phenomena of “anally raped by gay dad, now a fag” and necrophilia too, I would do so – but lacking such a magical button, I simply ignore these phenomena.

Feminists keep telling everyone that “your rapist is usually somebody you know very well.” Well, okay then – but who cares? Incest is — indeed — a family business, and I don’t give a damn what happens in someone else’s family. If dad, or mom, or both of them, want to fuck their own kids (even against the explicit will of the kids) – why should I, an unrelated person, intervene? Each family has its own customs, and in my view, it is the intervention in another family’s private affairs that should be generally forbidden. Now, I’m reasonable: if we’re talking about irreversible mutilation of family members or some such, I’m willing to concede that perhaps there is a rationale for intervention by outside forces. Maybe. But penetrative sex — be it vaginal, anal, or oral — is plainly and simply not that, and as I want rape itself to be legal, I’m opposed to telling dads which and whose familial orifices they are allowed or not allowed to penetrate.

I don’t care if you became a flaming cocksucker because your gay and Satanist dad raped you. If you want to take out revenge against your daddy, I can understand that, and I wish you the best of luck. Just don’t expect me to lift up a finger to help you in carrying out your plans for vengeance, because it’s none of my business what your parents did to you. The family itself should be privatized, and function like a mini-state. In such a state of affairs, to interfere in someone else’s affairs is to be an invader into another country’s territory, in a sense. That’s irrespectful. You may call me “unethical,” but I’m not telling gay dads to anally rape their straight sons; I merely recognize the existence of that unfortunate phenomenon, and comment on it by suggesting that it’s best to simply ignore this phenomenon altogether.

I don’t care.

And again: I don’t care.