The Hindu concept of Transmigration, also known as Reincarnation, normalizes and legitimizes pedophilia to the nth degree. That is because the notion of Transmigration maintains that the spirit of one living entity is actually the re-born spirit of another entity that has already died. In fact, everything in the world — animate and inanimate alike — is united by an eternal karmatic energy. Therefore, a precociously slutty 10-year-old girl must be “fair game,” because she isn’t even truly a girl – in her previous lives she was a famous prostitute, a Neanderthal, a zebra, and who knows what else!

Indeed, Transmigration is a spiritual-metaphysical notion that all perverts around the world should support, regardless of the specific kind of perversion they’re most prone to. Transsexuals should espouse Transmigration because it recognizes that males could be females on the inside; zoophiles should espouse Transmigration because their dogfriend (it’s like boyrfriend/girldfriends – but a dog!) may literally have been their wife in a previous life; the incest-enthusiasts can definitely use Transmigration to explain that “things are not as they seem”; and even necrophiles can benefit from the idea… but let’s not go there just yet.

By embracing Transmigration, you accept the non-essentiality of superficial attributes; a “child” is not a “child” in its essence, its current — and temporary — form being merely a materialization that it has assumed in a specific time on the timeline of history, which materialization is in a constant state of transformation from one thing into another thing. Transmigration tells you to look past the physical realm and examine the higher planes of existence, because what matters is not the external abode of the spirit, but the spirit itself; and the spirit itself is not confined to physical incarnations such as maleness or femaleness, childhood or adulthood, humanness or animalness, and so on. The spirit itself is above all those material things, and so we should be.

I announce you husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.

It’s always a good idea to search for and find out about the good things that the different cultures and religions of the world have to offer. Hinduism is definitely a religion that should inspire us to transcend the limitations placed on us by the flesh and by the matter. A little mysticism goes a long way, and by reflecting on the idea that the body is not the be-all end-all of what life in the world is all about, we can really understand fellow humans on the deepest of levels – a level deeper than neurology and more profound than the sum of one’s bodily chemical processes. Transmigration puts aside the “how” of being, and in lieu contemplates the “why” of it. Why is your daughter such a slut? Is it merely her DNA doing its own thing? Or was she destined by the Gods to bring the spirit of carnality and sensuality into the world by shagging a 4-digit number of men? It’s always better to ask the important questions rather than the unimportant ones.

Pedo-sex confirms Nirvana. During the pedo-sex session, the inner soul of the little vixen is unleashed from within the confines of the ephemeral palace that is her prepubescent “self,” and the eternal continuity of karma is attested for. After the pedo-sex session is over, her transcendent mind will return to its 10-year-old abode being intellectually enlightened, spiritually enriched, and significantly more formidable in terms of self-assurance and self-esteem. By teaching your little girl-friend what terrific things her body is capable of making, you release her — if only for the limited amount of time it takes you to bring her to an explosive orgasm, her first out of many more to come — from the suffering of Samsara. Pedophilia is spiritual elevation of Cosmic proportions.

Pedophilia equals compassion for spirit as well as for body. The supernatural concept of Transmigration, in this regard, has the potential to advance our cause forward. In my opinion, it’s an edifying and morale-boosting concept worthy of, at the very least, having its own little spot in our compassionate hearts.