Theodore Herzl did not circumcise his one and only son, Hans Herzl. That fellow Israelis make funny faces when they learn about the fact that, like the man who fucking envisioned our country, I also did not circumcise my son – that pisses me off. Wikipedia states in no-uncertain terms:

His only son Hans was given a secular upbringing and Herzl notably refused to allow him to be circumcised.

My fellow countrymen view Theodore Herzl as a venerable figure – while denouncing exactly those people who follow in his personal example. It’s similar to the case of those clueless, inconsistent Muslims who claim to greatly respect the Prophet Muhammad while concomitantly denouncing marriage to 6-year-olds. It’s an absolutely empty and meaningless form of veneration. Jewish Nationalism, like White Nationalism, is a big farce.


Having pissed off the FBI, I’m gonna piss off the Shin Bet.