I believe that as men we should respect each other, and therefore we should avoid raping each other in the ass. Occasionally it may be permissible to anally rape a man, but generally such a thing should not occur. It is disrespectful. Part of being a man in civilization is knowing to respect fellow men, since we men are the builders and maintainers of civilization, and are valuable ipso facto.

In contrast, women are parasitical entities, and do not automatically deserve respect. If “rape” should be forbidden in some situations, that’s only when a woman is the property of a man, and property rights shall not be infringed upon – indeed, property rights should be respected. Otherwise, if a woman is “free,” not owned by any man, it should be legal to force her into sex. The rule is: men should be automatically respected, while women should not be respected – rather, it is the property rights of fathers and husbands that should not be violated.

So, I am against man-on-man rape, because it’s not a respectful thing to do. I’m not sure if I’d make it illegal to anally rape a man, but certainly it’s a shameful thing to do, because we men should respect each other. Women, on the other hand, should only be “respected” in the sense that, when they are the private property belonging to individual men, you can’t use them without permission from the person who owns them. You may only use an owned woman if the man who owns her allows it. But a woman who is un-owned can be used at will — without any regulation — because she is property without ownership, like trash one may find scattered down an alley or what have you.

It’s all about respect. I respect fellow men, therefore I am opposed to raping them, usually. Of course, there may certainly be exceptional circumstances when it’s permissible (or even advisable) to anally rape a man. But generally, respect should be the rule of the day, and forcing yourself — sexually or otherwise — on someone is not a respectful thing to do at all. But women have not done anything to earn respect, and indeed, they do not deserve respect – just look how modern women behave. Respect is exclusively reserved for men. Thus, it should be legal for men to rape women.

However, the property rights of fellow men ought to be respected.