The reason your sex-life is unsatisfying or non-existent is because you’re living in a society that is vehemently hostile to male sexuality. Whether you can’t get laid with any woman or you’re penalized for getting laid with a young woman, the fact of the matter is that the modern environment is not conducive to your sexual fulfillment – it is inimical to it.

An alliance between involuntary celibate men and pedophile men is not only natural – in the following decade it will become inevitable. The “divide and conquer” tactics employed by our adversaries are rapidly losing their efficacy as more and more men realize that the system that ruthlessly criminalizes young sexuality is the very same system that is responsible for sexlessness among the population at large. The force that made your childhood and teenage-years asexual also made the rest of your life sexless, because the war against young sexuality has resulted in severe sexual dysfunction among everyone in society. When your pubescent sexuality is forcibly arrested in its development, you’ll never be able to grow into a sexually functional individual. Your sexuality is dysfunctional in your 20s and 30s due to the fanatical war waged against it in your 10s.

Had you been allowed to experience and experiment in sexuality in your early teen years, you would have developed a healthy sexual outlook with which to approach women throughout the rest of your life; and if you were allowed to engage in sexual relations with teenagers, you would no longer be exploited by the bitches you meet through dating sites. You’re an incel right now because you spent your early teens in asexual prison (“school”), instead of being allowed, by a process of natural trial-and-error, to develop a healthy sexuality. We’re living in an artificial environment, and our sexuality has been made dysfunctional by the force known as Puritan-Feminism, the force that made young sexuality illegal.

Incels and pedos must, and will, join forces. If you seek to reduce involuntary celibacy as much as it can be reduced, you must necessarily oppose the criminalization of sexuality in general, of male sexuality in particular, and most especially of young sexuality. There’s no way around it.

If you want to help out the incels while at the same time being opposed to pedo-liberation i.e. the legalization of young sexuality, it’s like you want to cure the symptoms of a disease while insisting on it being impossible to treat the underlying disease itself. For those too dense to grasp the analogy: you can’t help out the incels while supporting the very system that creates involuntary celibacy – and the system that creates involuntary celibacy is the system of criminalized young sexuality. If we can’t have a pedo-liberation, that means that whatever other measures we may propose to deal with involuntary celibacy will fall flat and be wholly inadequate. It will always be “too little, too late.” When you finally grasp that one’s first sexual experiences should occur no later than at age 12, rather than at ages 16 or 18 or 22, you’ll realize that a Pedo-Incel Coalition is bound to materialize. And now, it materializes – under the banner of Male Sexualism, the movement which seeks to legalize (de-criminalize) the entire spectrum of male sexuality.

I’m not much of a “real pedophile” as I’m not primarily attracted to prepubescents; and being married with a great sex-life, I’m no longer an incel. Yet, I 100% support this Pedo-Incel Coalition, because its cause is the most justified cause there is. Similarly, Eivind Berge is neither a pedophile nor an incel – and he too supports this movement, because he understands the fundamental logic behind it. Now I ask you, the incels and the pedos, to set aside your differences, and unite into a single force of absolute resistance against Puritan-Feminism. We don’t have any choice about this matter.

And we will succeed. We will de-legitimize and discredit the entirety of the Puritan-Feminist system, and one day — be it a decade, a century, or a millennium from now — the Puritan-Feminist system will be annihilated for good. On that day, our sexuality will finally be liberated. Never lose hope, brothers. If there is a will, there is a way. And now, at long last, there is a will.

We will win.