Russel asked me for a very specific thing:

I think a great meme for the blue knights would be the ‘what blue knights think they are, what parents think blue knights are, what society thinks blue knights are, what government thinks blue knights are, what blue knights actually are.’ meme. I don’t have a PC, but if I did I would do this.

(for what blue knights think they are, you can put some heroic blue knight image. For what parents think of them, put a picture of the cunt Chris Hanson. For society, you can put some praised knight image. For government, you can put a picture of a bunch of dollar bills. And for who they are actually, put several images up there, I would choose a pic of some fat cosplaying individual, with a picture of money going down the drain, with the added bonus of a crying individual. I find those memes very funny.)

And another commentator added:

If you use a meme with Chris Hanson or some other murdering motherfucker, put out a trigger warning. Thank you.

Guys… here’s my product:


Is that what you were looking for, fellow rapi… gentlemen?