It has been suggested that we need a forum. Right now, we don’t yet have one. But the demand for something that can serve some of the functions of a forum exists, and should be addressed as much as it could be addressed. Therefore, I created a board on 8chan: /msism/. A Male Sexualist board.

Here it is.

What I wish to see there is creative, innovative ideas; and a high-level of discussion, not silly one-liners. If you have difficulty using 8chan for whatever reason, ask me in the comments’ section right here, so I can (try to) help you out with your problem. I believe that it’s pretty easy to use; however, some people in this movement are old and aren’t used to the chans.

Needless to say, a well-moderated forum is superior to an anonymous image board. But I don’t know how to run forums; Caamib — our Chief Technology Officer — knows, and he plans to create one. When he does, we will go there. In the meanwhile, let’s be in 8chan.

So far, I have created two threads in it: a stickied “rules” thread, which is locked because there is nothing to add to it; and an open thread introducing the board. You can comment on the introduction thread, or create your own threads on the board.

Hopefully, this board will serve its function and do us good.