Many people in the manosphere believe that women are motivated to become Feminists because they see Feminism as a strategy to get laid, i.e. a “sexual strategy.” Part of the reason that they believe that is that they see their own PUA-inspired ideology as a “sexual strategy,” so they project the idea of a “sexual strategy” onto the androgenized bitches. Let me explain why I believe it simply isn’t so.

First, women don’t get laid through Feminism. Women generally can have whatever sex they want with whoever they want, because our (men’s) sex-drive is on average much higher than theirs. If Feminism were a means by which women tried to procure sex, that would be a very convoluted, wasteful, and ineffectual strategy on their part. Yes, it’s true that Feminists are ugly, overweight, annoying, and otherwise unappealing cunts, and that therefore it’s natural that they’d adopt an ideology that artificially elevates their value; but then, have you ever seen them with attractive, successful boyfriends? No – their boyfriends are all shit-tier. And in order to seduce a shit-tier man, Feminism simply isn’t needed. The point is that Feminism doesn’t actually help women on their hypergamic quest to snag an Alpha; they are still stuck with the Betas and Omegas.

Secondly, their Feminism pretty much makes it less likely they’ll get laid. For one, being a Feminist is a sure way to piss off the majority of men, who want nothing to do with a misandric and self-interested bitch who believes herself to be an eternal victim and who expects men to follow her every whim, “or else.” You have to be quite masochistic to be into such females, and most men aren’t masochists. And the other thing is, the Feminist-driven incessant criminalization of all forms of sexuality makes basically all prospective sexual encounters much less likely to occur – thus, Feminist legislation prevents sex. Indeed, people today are more sexless than ever before.

The third issue is that Feminists are often lesbians who don’t desire men at all. If Feminism is a “sexual strategy” for these women, then it’s not a heterosexual one, but a homosexual one. Indeed, Feminism is basically “political lesbianism.” They aren’t interested in attracting men through this ideology; they’re interested in legitimizing their own sexual “lifestyle,” and in fact they’re trying to dissuade men from pursuing them. Feminists want to lesbianize society; their ‘utopia’ is one in which there are no men, only women. Feminism is an ideology of anti-natural mutants, whereas heterosexual sex is the most natural thing there is. Feminists are not seeking heterosexual sex.

The fourth issue is that it’s primarily low sex-drive individuals who support worldviews that seek to criminalize more and more facets of human sexuality. That is, high sex-drive individuals — females, in this case — would not be inclined to espouse an ideology that sees sex as an inherently “victimizing” and generally very negative thing; it’s the low sex-drive women who believe, and promote the idea, that sex is “harmful” because of this or that reasons. And if Feminists are the low sex-drive women, it doesn’t make sense to view their ideology as a “sexual strategy”; it much more closely resembles an “anti-sexual strategy,” in fact.

The fifth matter is that, being the pursued sex rather than the pursuing sex, women are generally less prone to view the world through any kind of a “sexual strategy”; as I said, Feminism is not something they need to get laid. Furthermore, women simply aren’t logical enough to develop a proper sexual strategy – they are instinctive entities, and their beliefs are more reflexive than anything. Whatever they believe, it stems from their transient and fickle sensations of the moment – women are generally incapable of possessing a “grand plan” of any kind. Women do not process information or sensory inputs in a coherent manner, and this very incoherence — a key characteristic of women — prevents them from being able to hold on to any long-term strategy. Everything they do is ad hoc.

Due to all of these reasons, I believe that the idea that Feminists believe whatever they believe because they’re trying to get laid is simply a projection. We men definitely have our own sexual strategies and ideologies; and the problem here is that autistic men, also known as “spergs,” can’t quite grasp just how dissimilar female mentality is to male mentality. They think that, if men support PUA-ism for the purpose of getting laid, then women must support Feminism — an opposing ideology — due to similar motives. That’s just not at all what reality actually suggests, but the spergs, with their dysfunctional “theory of mind” faculties, don’t really analyze reality as it is – they form their conceptions of “what the world is like” based on premises that originate from within their own minds. Women who are truly sexual usually don’t care all that much about Feminism. Feminism is a catlady ideology, and catladies aren’t trying to procure sexual relations – just the opposite: they are viscerally averse to all things sexual.

Stop projecting your mentality onto the cunts. Their thinking is unlike our thinking, and their motives are unlike our motives. The idea that Feminists are merely or primarily trying to promote their sexual interests is pretty autistic. It’s other things that motivate Feminists to espouse their ideology, not sexuality. And the results speak for themselves: Feminists are not having sex all that much, they are often completely asexual, and the men that they occasionally have sex with are usually extremely low-status, meaning that their hypergamy is not helped by Feminism, and if anything, Feminism makes it less likely that an Alpha male would seek to fuck them – sex with a Feminist contains plenty of risks and approximately zero pleasure. Men with options never pursue Feminists.

Feminism doesn’t look like a “sexual strategy.” It’s just catlady-ism expressed as an ideology.