The difference between Jihad and Muqawama is that Jihad means “struggle,” which can be offensive or defensive; whereas Muqawama means “resistance,” and is generally constructed as a defensive concept. Granted, those who call their activism ‘Muqawama’ are often quite aggressive indeed; but the idea is that you didn’t initiate the conflict – you merely participate in it to ward off the aggressive adversary.

Arabic words are intimidating, and that’s a good thing; furthermore, many Muslims seem to be attracted to our movement, and while Male Sexualism is a Western-based worldview, it’s not principally inimical to Islam, at least insofar as Islam is compatible with our goals; true, you can be a Male Sexualists and anti-Islam, but your opposition to Islam is not likely to be based on Islam’s teaching regarding male-female relations, as these teachings are mostly good. That is, you can oppose Islam for all kinds of reasons, but these reasons probably aren’t related to the issues important to Male Sexualism.

If you search the word Muqawama or Muqawamah in your search engine, you’ll find that it’s basically an all-encompassing, determined, guerilla, unceasing resistance to this or to that. Hamas, for instance, calls itself an “Islamic Resistance Movement,” resistance being directed against Israel. I say: let’s take this word away from Islamists and popularize it as a Make Sexualist term. I want to make it so that when people search for the word Muqawama in their search engins, they’ll find us. Again, let me be clear: we should not give off the impression of being terrorists. Rather, we should give off the impression of being a tough, determined, grassroots movement that will never ever give up. Plus, it’s a funny troll. It will trigger the shit out of both the Neo-Cons and many Islamists.

As Leader of the Men’s Movement, I declare an absolute Muqawama against Puritan-Feminism, until our sexuality is fully liberated. We are now the Men’s Muqawama (Resistance) Movement. We’re gonna troll our enemies – and we’re gonna defeat them. Long live the Male Sexualist Muqawama Movement!