Good news: Tom Grauer, who has invented a new ideology which he insists on calling “Male Sexualism” despite the goofiness of the sound of it, has also now invented a new sexual orientation: pedo-curiosity. That’s right everybody – I think that we should appeal to open-minded men through the force known as “sexual curiosity,” and that just as there are men (and women) who define themselves as bi-curios, meaning that they are generally heterosexual but are willing to sexually experiment with members of their own sex, now there comes another sexual orientation — one which Zuck the Cuck will never acknowledge in his “sexual orientations” bar —  which is known as pedo-curiosity.

Truth be told: I once let this guy touch my dick, because — y’know — YOLO. I had no erection, because I’m actually totally straight, and that greatly disappointed him. Hey, I was willing to touch his junk as well, but he didn’t want me to do it, because he realized that — as open minded as I am — I really have no attraction to men. Before that event, he had told me: “I believe all men are pedophiles and all men are bisexual.” I said: “okay… why are you saying that?” He answered: “are you not attracted to girls in seventh grade?” To which I responded by affirming my attraction to such girls. He then said that that’s pedophilia, then went on to argue that he managed to seduce all of his male friends to sleep with him. Thus, he believed that all men are at least capable of “pedophilia” and gayness – and to be sure, he approved of both. Now, there are a few problems with that reasoning (such as my absolute lack of any erection for him, for instance), but he did have a point: men are very horny, and our sexuality goes in all kinds of directions.

Now, being non-gay, I believe that “pedophilia” is actually way, way more common than gayness, and the fact is, my dick was not hard for this guy, but if he were a female in seventh grade, I would’ve fucked the brains and the shit out of her. So no, the reality is that men are usually not gay and actually not even “slightly gay,” and those few men who are gay are usually exclusively gay, and therefore “bi-sexuality” among men is pretty rare, whereas among women it’s not uncommon, and hyper-sexual women are especially prone to bi-sexuality. (I do acknowledge that bi-sexual men exist, such as — if I get it right, and perhaps I’m wrong — our friend DJ TRASHporn) Nevertheless, bi-curiosity is something that lots of men often experience, and sometimes identify as.

I say: now comes the age of pedo-curiosity. What I want is for many men to be willing to consider pedophilia just as many men are willing to consider gayness. These men who are bi-curious will often not actually become fully bisexual, and presumably, many pedo-curious men will not actually become fully pedophile; rather, it’s the idea of being open to such relations that I want to deliver. Before watching and masturbating to CP, I did not really consider myself a pedophile, but now I do, despite not being primarily attracted to prepubescent girls; that’s because my mind saw just how lustful some prepubescent girls can be, and now I dig them a lot. I really am willing to fuck prepubescent girls. I can imagine myself going down on a girl aged 8, and and I can even fantasize about PIV-fucking such a girl. However, I don’t usually fantasize about that; I’d rather fantasize about 12-year-old chicks. Nevertheless, I’d definitely be willing to experiment in pedosexual relations, just like some regular straight men are willing to experiment in homosexual relations; and again, I believe that sexual openness to pedophilia is more common than sexual openness to homosexuality, when you get down to it. Personally, I’ve never had boners for dudes, but I had boners for prepubescent girls.

In our lizard brains, in contrast to our mammal brains, all of us are attracted to teenagers; furthermore, we can even find pre-pubescents attractive, though perhaps to a drastically lesser extent, unless we’re actual pedos. The thing is though, many men are very much afraid of thinking about pedophilia itself; but if you can frame it as merely “pedo-curiosity,” you can make many men at least give it a few thoughts. What we want is for men to be able to overcome the discomfort they feel towards the word “pedo” just as many men have overcome their discomfort with the word “bi” – by adding to it the word “curiosity.” The idea behind pedo-curiosity is that you’re a normal guy, but are willing to consider attraction to and sex with very young people. You don’t identify as a pedophile, just as someone who is not altogether averse to pedo relations.

True, the “kink community” is against us. But hey, curiosity has a nice sound to it, doesn’t it? It psychologically assuages fears of stigma by relatively distancing the person from “the thing itself,” merely telling the world that the person is willing to consider the thing.

You know what – it probably won’t work. But meh, in some contexts perhaps it could work. So let me just throw this idea into the air, then.