Joseph and Mary lived together, but did not have sex. Now, according to some traditions, Mary was a 13-year-old at the time. That got me thinking: shouldn’t Blue Knights claim that the reason Joseph and Mary did not have children and did not have sex is because Mary was below the American AOC of 16? After all, the Judeans were a prophetic bunch, and being prophetic, they could see that in the Unites States of America, which is a Christian country, the AOC would be at least 16 – and that, therefore, if you want to give birth to a Messiah for the Americans, you must respect the future traditions of the Americans.

Here’s my suggestion: pretend to be a Blue Knight, and as best you can, argue that Jesus would not have been born to the virgin Mary had the AOC not existed. Jump the fucking shark with it: “all of us are eternally redeemed due to Joseph and Mary respecting the Age-of-Consent! We must preserve, uphold, and sanctify the Age-of-Consent to be worthy of the name ‘Christians!’ God Himself wants all of our women to remain virgins until the age of 16!” Go wild and go nuts. Ideally, you should force the Blue Knights to explain why this is trolling and not a real argument, and once they start doing that, just call them “pedo-enablers” for it and watch them twisting and turning in a state of perplexity.

Or, they will actually accept this ‘winning argument,’ in which case, they would’ve lost their minds, and we could really show how insane they’ve become. It’s time to accelerate their madness until it could be accelerated no more.