I support de-infantilization, and I don’t even view the peculiar case you’re going to read about in this post as negative at all. It may be an unnatural state-of-affairs, but I enjoy looking at the results. And by “looking at,” I mean “browsing through images of while my left hand strokes my dick.” This is some hot shit right here.


When Teri-Leigh Tweedie-Connor was just six years old she started growing pubic hair and small breasts and stood a head above all her friends.

Teri-Leigh has been diagnosed with non-cancerous brain tumour hypothalamic hamartoma – which means she has been experiencing the symptoms of puberty years earlier than her peers .

Now, at 10 years old, Teri-Leigh is often kicked out of school playgrounds because – at 5ft.2 with a ‘mature face’ – she looks ‘more like a teenager’ and even has mood swings.

Her mum Sarah says her daughter has been ‘robbed’ of a normal childhood.

Sarah, 36, who’s a dinner lady and also mum to Kian, 15, Ewan, 12, and Georgia, who’s seven, says: “It’s heart-breaking to see my daughter wonder why she looks nothing like her friends. She’s so self-conscious.

“While other kids who are Teri-Leigh’s age are running around concentrating on nothing but being children, my daughter is worrying about the changes in her body and battling mood swings.”

Teri-Leigh is now undergoing hormone injections to prevent her periods from starting – but this will not reverse the effects of the condition so far.

Sarah, who lives in Coventry, West Midlands, added: “I just want my daughter to be able to enjoy her childhood without feeling self-conscious.”

When Teri-Leigh was six years old, she was 4ft 8in, and stood head and shoulders above her school chums.

Over the next year, Sarah noticed her daughter had pubic hair and small breasts – despite only being in year one at school.

Sarah said: “My eldest Kian, then 12, was only just starting to show signs of puberty so I was really surprised to see Teri-Leigh was at the same stage.

“I was shocked, but tried not to let on to Teri-Leigh that the hair was anything was usual.”

Medics at Walsall University Hospital began tests, and discovered that Teri-Leigh’s bone growth matched that of a ten-year-old – but they were not sure why.

Sarah tells how she realised just how different her daughter was from her peers in September 2013 when she was banned from an adventure park at six years old – because she was too tall.

Sarah said: “She exceeded the height limit by a couple of inches. It was humiliating for her, so the whole family left.

“I was furious she’d been pointed out and made to feel like a freak. But at the same time it gave me the push to consult with medics and discover the cause of her early puberty.”

Concerned, the mum shared her fears with the school nurse, who suggested Teri-Leigh could have precocious puberty, and medics at University Hospital Coventry began tests.

At seven years old, Teri-Leigh was prescribed monthly injections of hormone triptorelin to halt her sexual development.

But mum Sarah tells how the hormones caused her daughter to have mood swings like a teen.

She said: “She’d break her toys, scream, kick and cry with rage.

“Getting her dressed for school when she threw tantrums was a battle.

“At her size, I couldn’t handle her physically. It was a nightmare.”

In August 2015, Teri-Leigh was diagnosed with hypothalamic hamartoma – a tumour on the brain which affects one in 200,000 people – at Birmingham Children’s Hospital .

The tumour can cause epileptic fits, precocious puberty and behavioural problems.

Sarah said: “Though the word ‘tumour’ devastated me, it was a relief to finally have an explanation about why Teri-Leigh was developing the way she was.”

She began further hormone treatment to stop her periods starting early – but this did not reverse the effects of precocious puberty so far.

Sarah said: “She stands taller than all her friends and is experiencing things that none of them can understand yet.

“I try and talk it all through with her but at the end of the day Teri-Leigh’s just a child so I can’t blame her for not fully understanding.”

Now 10 years old, Teri-Leigh’s breast are developing and she still has mood swings.

What’s more, she is taller and stronger than her 12-year-old brother, Ewan.

She and mum Sarah are raising money for Hope for Hypothalamic Hamartoma UK – and, with the help of Teri-Leigh’s school, Parkgate Primary School, the family have raised £2,000.

Sarah adds: “We want to raise awareness about this condition.

“Strangers mistake Teri-Leigh for a teenager acting up when she has mood swings in public, and I just want to tell them that she’s just a child.

“If only people were not so quick to judge what they don’t know about.

“We hope by sharing her story we can raise awareness about this relatively unheard of condition and end the stigma my girl has to face on a daily basis.”

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That was a fun article – fun due to the splendid images embedded in it. They should be publishing more like it.