Commentator Whem wrote:

I think you’d better write posts instead of making videos, actually, you have a great writing ability, it’s great to read your posts, but speaking you’re a mess, seriously, don’t take it badly. It’s just my opinion.

I would also like you to open a forum for “male sexualists”, since a reddit is impossible, it would be good to have an traditional forum only for us, a place for meeting and debate. The comments on this blog are fine but in the end it’s hard to follow. With a forum we could put a lot of content and get to know each other, not just go to blog and comment on an entry, as a meeting and content-creation place, as I said before.

I agree with the first part, and in fact, upon reading it, I instantly entered into a deep trance-like state of perpetual mutist meditation, aka involuntary life-long Vipassana. Just kidding – I’ll probably make some more videos, but yeah, due to my oratory skills being dramatically inferior to my writing talent (orally I can barely string two sentences together, because in my real life I speak English very seldom – like, perhaps 10 minutes per week. Plus, I’m generally not a great orator; I may be Hitler’s secret Jewish grandson, but I mostly inherited my grandpa’s passion and determination and delusional thinking and not his charisma), I’ll focus mostly on writing.

The second idea though is excellent, but unfortunately, I’m not sure how to do such a thing – running forums is not in my personal skill-set. The good news is that Caamib, who is hereby declared as the official CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of the movement, had this to say:

Whem, I am planning on opening a forum for incels (without the insane cultist shit, where noncels could also talk), love-shy people, maps and male sexaulism.

I’m all for it. The issue of sexlessness and the issue of male sexuality being criminalized are inseparable (they’re essentially the same issue, at root), and having a forum that is open to male sexualist discourse could significantly advance our outreach and strength as a movement.

Obviously, there must not be any illegal activity on that forum, which means — for instance — not uploading CP directly to it, and not conspiring in it to BOMB A FEDERAL BUILDING. This much is clear. Beyond that, discussion there should be unrestricted and uncensored.

Let me then voice my absolute support for this great plan. I really like the direction things are going in right now. Before the 31 of December 2017, we were all depressed and totally blackpilled about the whole situation. Well, speaking for myself – I ain’t depressed no more.

Let’s get this going.