How to Win a Cultural War

People in this movement have been so long on the defensive that they’ve forgotten what it’s like to go on the offensive. In this way, manosphere 1.0 is like many conservative movements: essentially, it’s always reactive in nature, rarely proactive. So used are you, the old-schooler, to having your worldview shaped by your enemies, that forging any way out of this mess is inconceivable to your mind. Your terminology is borrowed from people who want you castrated. Your current sense of morality has been imposed on you by people who see you as the scum of the Earth. You’ve been living this way for decades. Indeed, you’ve been living under these conditions for centuries; I’m not calling you a Dracula here, but noting the fact that all of your ancestors in the past 200 years or so had, in various degrees, absorbed this poison.

The enemy has the weapons; you don’t. You can’t fight him using his own weapons, because his own weapons are in his hands, not in your hands. You need to fight the enemy with your own weapons. And because you don’t have any — since you allowed the enemy to conquer all of your territory — you are now left to whine impotently, in the corner, alone. This is where manosphere 1.0 is: whining impotently, in the corner, alone. It’s not because of me, you see. It’s because of you. You lost by default, because your fight has always been half-measured, if even that. Say, you want to defeat Feminism. Can you do that by accepting all or most of its premises, then trying to use those premises against the thing itself? No, man. That doesn’t work, in the long run. You need to have your own worldview. Or consider this: you want to legalize adult-child sexual relations. What do — or, rather, what did — you do to achieve that goal? You embraced large chunks of the dominant narrative, then tried to flip them upside down. Where did that get you?

In short, you have no idea how to win a centuries-long cultural war, and you’re probably too old and too tired to even attempt such a thing. But that’s cool. Because your time is over. There is now something new on the horizon.

Humor Belongs in Politics As Much As, Or Even More-so, Than It Belongs in Comedy

You look even better than I do!

The first thing to do to win a cultural war is to be interesting. If you’re not interesting — and especially, I mean, interesting to those who haven’t already embraced your worldview — you’re not in the game. You’re out of it. Look at the people who promote pedohysteria. They are, in their own way, interesting: they tell you stories about horrible “abuse,” and then present their side as heroic for trying to fight against this “abuse.” That’s a very simple narrative, but it’s appealing to a lot of people: it appeals to men’s heroism and to women’s nurturing instincts. It’s a very basic black-and-white narrative about very evil people, the pedophiles, who are harming innocent kids due to sheer evil, and about the “righteous folk” who are always on guard against these scheming pedos. Likewise, the Feminist narrative is also in its own way interesting: the world is full of rape and misogyny, but women — the weak underdog in the story — are successfully using their talents to defeat all the evil that men are creating.

It doesn’t matter that these narratives are all garbage. They are interesting. And what is our narrative? Yes, we have theories — such as the “gynocentrism theory” — but that’s not exactly a narrative. See, currently we don’t have a cohesive narrative. “The woman I was infatuated with put me in the friendzone, now I’m a Men’s Rights Activist” is not a winning narrative. But I have a narrative for you – a story about escaping. In my story, the world has been taken over by an evil force called “Puritanism-Feminism,” these being two sides of the same coin. That force, which is manifested in both right-wing and left-wing forms, is the antithesis of our cause, which we call “male sexuality.” And what we seek is to escape from the dominion of Puritanism-Feminism and have a place, somewhere on Earth, where we can be free to do as we please to satisfy our sexual needs. And to convince people to take our side in this battle, we have to use humor.

Humor is the father and mother of all modern cultural shifts, without exception. Look at any active movement today that has gained any traction outside the small niche it had originally constituted, there you will find plenty of humor. Chief example is the alt-right, since we need to learn from those who are winning, and currently it’s those guys. The alt-right originated from Encyclopedia Dramatica (for those unfamiliar: it’s like Wikipedia, only with wild shock humor instead of serious articles) and 4chan. I’ve been seeing that kind of humor way back in 2008. I was 13-year-old then. It did not originate from people in suits and ties delivering boring lectures. That, I can tell you. Here’s the formula: humor is charisma, and charisma is persuasion. If you can raise a chuckle out of an audience — be it a real audience sitting on chairs in front of your stage, or an amorphous faceless internet audience — you can plant your message inside their heads. And to be funny, your humor has to resonate with the kind of people you’re trying to influence. Which, in my view, should be young people.

Shock Culture and Trolling

As long as we refuse to say the “unsayable,” we lose. We must be able to break the taboos that have been imposed on our thoughts. These taboos were not invented yesterday. Getting all up in arms over the latest progression of the disease, without doing anything to actually cure it root and branch, is an exercise in pointlessness. And the reason we have those “unsayable things” is that we have failed to undermine the foundations on which they are built. How can we undermine these foundations? Surely, it’s not by building something else on top of them. The foundations themselves have to be exploded. Here the troll comes into play.

We’re living in a “shock culture” in which, for instance, the only response to my suggestion that rape should be legalized is shock. There is no attempt to make a counter-argument, because merely thinking about the suggestion makes a lot of people shut down their critical thinking centers inside their brains due to their brains being overloaded with this shock. That, at least, is the initial response. But here’s the thing: you won’t be shocked forever. By trolling you into being shocked, I bypassed your crimestop barriers. You can’t un-hear it. Too late. The unsayable has been made sayable. Now, it’s just a matter of time before your shock subsides and you decide to consider what I’m saying. That’s what trolling does: it triggers you to the point where you can no longer be triggered, and then you are mentally free to engage with the actual content beneath the troll. It doesn’t mean that you’ll agree with me that rape should be legalized. But if I keep repeating this “troll” for a long enough time, eventually it will stop being a troll. It’ll just be an opinion. Perhaps even an opinion you could agree with.

People ask “is he serious with these over-the-top posts?” See, the fact that they’re asking this question proves the effectiveness of my strategy: they have been trolled. At some point they’ll have to respond to the troll, if not directly then in their own minds. That will be interesting, will it not?


I’ll make you comfortably numb, and you’ll love it.

When the boundaries are set by the enemy, not by a neutral third-party, it’s in your rational self-interest to push the boundaries as far as they can be pushed. You want to be as free from the inimical external restrictions placed against you as you can. To do that, you have to be bold. You can’t flinch back when you see some uncomfortable sights. You must be determined. For that purpose, your mind needs to be desensitized to the horrors of war. But don’t worry; it’s not — and, hopefully, won’t have to be — a real war. You don’t have to see real corpses lying on the ground. What we’re engaged in, as I’ve written numerous times, is a war of ideas. I’m fighting their ideas with my ideas. I’m killing their arguments with my arguments. Right now, we have no power to determine any policies. I’ve made that point several times, and I’ll keep making it until all of you memorize it. We are currently outside the system of power. The only thing we have is our ideas. That’s our “weapon.”

That means that we have to be as effective as we can with our ideas. That requires ruthlessness. Weakness is not a strength. If you gave up the first time someone called you a “virgin” or a “rapist” or a “misogynist” or a “molester,” you wouldn’t be here. Well, I want to bring you to the point where you can hear some bitch or some Blue Knight telling you that you are a pervert, and actually not give a shit about hearing that. Right now, many people in the “pedo-sphere” seem very concerned about what others are saying about them. By openly saying “child prostitution should be legal, and I would personally fuck an 8-year-old girl,” I’m showing you, by my own example, what it means to not give a damn what names people call me. I have become desensitized to what the struggle against Puritanism-Feminism entails. Certainly, it entails being called bad names. It could also mean other things. But when you’re not shocked anymore, then you are ready to fight. And to win.

Having become accustomed to living under Puritan-Feminist dominion, you must be desensitized to the “radical alternative” proposed here. I know that people who use the term “paradigm shift” often have Dunning-Kruger, but this ‘thing’ here is, in my view, the beginning of a paradigm shift. Optimistically speaking, that is.

It Doesn’t Matter What I “Really” Think

Should pedophilia, rape, and child prostitution be legal? Or should they be VERY legal?

You may think: “do you actually believe that it’s a good thing if it were legal to rape?” But that’s the thing about pushing the boundaries until they can no longer be pushed: it actually is irrelevant what I “really” think. I have no power. I don’t make any policies. All I have is a blog where I can share my ideas, and use calculated extremism to make sure those ideas have the intended effect. They could always ban my blog under whatever pretexts. As long as I’m allowed to have it, I’ll use it to do the kind of activism I’m good at. That won’t be long-winded scholarly articles about the issues important to us, because my target audience doesn’t care about that, and frankly I’m more of a jimmy-rustler than a serious intellectual.

What you need to understand about mass propaganda is that it’s always going to be dumbed-down and simplistic. I wrote a post explaining how my system of legalized rape could work. But the system obviously requires more thinking, since has some potential flaws. And I’ll probably write more about this issue in the future. But the point is that these are all nuances that mask the bigger picture. What people will see — and what they should see, in an unequivocal manner — is “rape should be legal.” Getting into the finer details of how, exactly, a society can function with legalized rape (“is it legalized under all circumstances? what are the exact circumstances?”) has nothing to do with the broad message. The broad message is that the whole taboo around this issue has to be shattered, once and for all. “Rape” is the cornerstone of the Puritan-Feminist program. Take the concept of “rape” away from them, and they’ve got nothing. The moment “rape” is treated as a non-issue is the moment we can finally remove the curse of the latest 200 years.

As I said in other places, this is a war of ideas, and once the idea of “rape” loses all its potency, we can go forth and win this centuries-long cultural war, which is the purpose. If we can have a place on Earth where rape is legal, to that place we could escape from Puritan-Feminist tyranny.

I’m Doing It Because Thus Far We’ve Only Lost, Not Won a Single Thing On Even One Damn Front

So far, the situation has been catastrophic, from our perspective. We have only been losing and losing and losing, all the time. If your purpose in life is “lose everything everywhere,” perhaps this is not the blog for you. My position is that “lose everything everywhere” makes for some crappy life. It’s not my kind of fun.

If we’ve been winning, you might have been justified in responding to me with “stop doing what you’re doing, so as not to ruin our achievements.” But that’s the thing – there are no achievements. Nothing. #MeToo is the ideology of the entire 21st century. “AOC violations” are treated as an atrocity, like a crime against humanity on par with genocide. Men rot in jail for possessing CP. Men rot in jail for being falsely accused of “rape,” or due to “rape” now being such a broad category that almost all sex is potentially “rape.” (the latter is exactly what the Puritan-Feminists intended, by the way) Let me give you an example: a woman in Australia had sex with a man — perhaps her husband; I don’t remember — and plotted to accuse him of “rape.” So, just before he climaxed during intercourse, she told him to stop. Since he could not biologically stop, that was “rape.” I don’t know/remember if the man ended up behind bars, but anyway that’s a real case that happened, and yes, it was actually a scheme by the woman against the man, not that it even matters. Call it 5-seconds-rape. Horror! Horror! This is what rape-hysteria has come down to. Going to the courtroom, or even to prison, for the involuntary movements of your body during coitus that all along the way had been consensual. Need another example? A man in his 70s was taken to court for fucking his wife, who had Alzheimer’s, because according to the modern Feminist definition of rape, she “could not consent.” In this case, he did not go to jail. But still, this is absolute madness.

You had no tools to fight against this madness, because you accepted the Puritan-Feminist “frame” (to use some PUA jargon) regarding rape. Well, I’m telling you that this entire “frame” has to be rejected, wholly. Hopefully, by the end of this article you’ll see the logic behind my own position on the matter.

 Good Cop and Bad Cop Dynamic

Now look, you need not be as extreme as I am. By being the “bad cop,” I’m making you into the “good cop.” I see: legalize rape. You say: well, we don’t have to do that, but there are some very dramatic changes that need to be made, immediately. This is calculated extremism that I engaged in. It’s calculated to help the movement. By being the bad guy who openly admits to having watched CP, who calls rape a pro-social thing, who posts pictures of Bangladeshi teenage prostitutes captioned with “I’d fuck her,” I’m automatically making you into “the sane, responsible adult in the room.” Yes, you, the evil frightening pedophile, have become the “moderate.”

This is also known as “Mutt and Jeff.” The Neoreactionary thinker Curtis Yarvin compared the behavior of some Muslims to that dynamic. My intention here is not to foster Islamophobia, just keep an open mind and try to grasp what’s going on in this example. So, you’ve got Islamic extremists who vow to cut your head off for drawing a picture of Prophet Muhammad. Next to them, there are those “moderate Muslims” who are “absolutely” against head-cutting, but they too ask you, politely, to stop drawing pictures of Muhammad – because, after all, you don’t want to piss off those extremists, now, do you? Also, those extremists and moderates are actually on quite friendly terms. What you see in this example is what we should be doing. I’ll be the extremist, saying out loud “I WANT TO RAPE KIDS!” You, say whatever other things you want to say, and explain that if people don’t want my views to gain hold, it’s your “moderate” views that should be embraced.

We must take the fight to their territory.

“Rape” is The Central Concept of the Puritan-Feminist Worldview

Once you no longer consider “rape” to be an issue, say, because it’s become legal, the Puritan-Feminist war against sexuality is over. Our side will have won it, in that scenario. And it’s a lasting victory. Rape-hysteria is used by the Feminist agitators to stir women against men. If it becomes officially legal to rape, and that situation remains permanently, the Feminist agitation will be finished. I know that it sounds like a paradox, but the more rape is normalized, the less powerful is the Feminist agitation surrounding it. That’s because in such a situation, women learn to live with the reality as it is, and if men would be determined to keep it that way, women — being the “fluid” sex, as people keep saying — will adjust to the new reality. Not that they would have a choice, but psychologically they’d accept “rape” as part of life, something that just happens sometimes. In old times women were able to accept this reality, and biologically there has been no change since those times.

Which reminds me: we’re all the descendants of rapists. Rapist genes are in the blood of all of us, as rapists reproduced more so than non-rapists. Just to keep the historical (and pre-historical) record straight.

Anyway, where was I? Yes – hysteria about rape was and is used by Feminist agitators to stir women against men, and it was used by the Puritans as part of their anti-sex (or ‘anti-sin’) ideology. Taking “rape” away from them is like taking away WMDs from a genocidal dictator who wants to conquer the entire world. Feminists, when in trouble, always cry “rape.” Puritans, when they want to agitate for more and more restrictions against sexuality, always bring up “rape.” By destroying this weapon of the Puritan-Feminist monster, it can no longer breathe fire at us. By disregarding “rape” altogether, we can render those who seek to destroy us completely impotent. “Rape” (and its lesser forms, such as “molestation” and “sexual harassment”) is the sharpest tool in the Puritan-Feminist toolbox. Or, to make a slightly different analogy, it’s the key to their toolbox. Without this focal idea, they’ve got nothing. Their whole “concern for the plight of women” is null and void if they can no longer use “rape” to tell the world about how “miserable” women are. The modernist morality that has been imposed on us has “rape” at its center. Legalization of rape does away with the modernist morality.

“Consent” is a Bullshit Concept, and You Can’t Separate “Regular” Rape and “Child Abuse” Rape – It is Really The Same Notion

(Before I continue explaining my position, there is something that I want to ask you to memorize: that sometimes, in order to win, one has no choice but to push as hard as one can in the other direction)

What you need to understand is that the Puritan-Feminists seek to illegalize as much of male sexuality as they can. The concept of “rape” is so useful to them precisely because it can mean whatever they want it to mean; it can be defined however they want it to be defined, and it can always be broadened to include more and more sexual behaviors on the part of men, or generally more and more sexual things. You cannot separate their war against “rape” and their war against teenage sex, because this is one and the same war, and it is fought with one and the same weapon: the concept of “rape.” How do they call ‘underage sex,’ if not “rape”? Exactly – they call it “rape.” You can’t square this circle. They get to define what “rape” is just as surely as they get to define what “consent” is. And according to their definitions, ‘underage sex’ cannot be ‘consensual,’ therefore they consider it “rape.” You can’t run away from this reality, my friends. Up until 200 years ago or so, nobody gave a shit about “consent,” and in many countries this notion was entirely unfamiliar. Whether or not a woman consented to something had no relevance to the act of sex being (or not being) proper.

These twin concepts of “consent” and “rape” were used to build the Puritan-Feminist system of sexual morality. The people who shoved “consent” down your throat also shoved “rape” down your throat – and vice versa. You cannot do away with one idea without also doing away with the other idea. And the arguments used by Blue Knights are taken verbatim from the notebook of the White Knights – and, again, vice versa. As long as we play by the Puritan-Feminist rules, we lose.

The Puritan-Feminists tell us that “children” and women are basically “pure angels,” and that lust is an exclusively “adult male” thing. And while I strongly believe that men really are hornier than women, the fact remains that “children” and women are horny as fuck. “Rape” was invented by White/Blue Knights to “defend” these groups from sex, due to the Knights’ protective instinct, which is insanely overactive.

Consistency is Key

By trolling you into considering these propositions, I intend to make it easier for you to accept my consistent worldview. And the focus here is really on young people. A blog that becomes popular with young people, where they are made to reconsider what they think about “rape,” is the perfect place to legitimize pedophilia. If I can convince people who are young, and thus have likely not made up their minds yet about these issues, to accept that “rape should be legal,” it then becomes infinitely easier for me to convince them to accept pedophilia. By using shock humor and trolling, I will make my readers accept pedophilia. This again brings us back to desensitization. So let me give you some examples of it.

First, videos games. Many people have noted that video games are a great manner of desensitization. If you spend hours upon hours playing a video game where you shoot subjects, your minds becomes used to this “mode of operation.” At least, to an extent. So if you will, consider this platform to be like a video game. By constantly, consistently promoting the idea that rape is normal, I can get the readers of this blog to open up their minds about the subject of pedophilia, because they’ll already be very desensitized about the issue of “sex crimes.” I want to de-legitimize the very concept of “sex-crimes.” The entire concept should vanish. If “sex crimes” are not an issue, because there is no law in the book of laws forbidding “sex crimes,” then we have achieved our purpose. In that scenario, we can come up with other concepts to regulate human behavior. Concepts devoid of White Knightism and Blue Knightism. Concepts that serve us, men. That’s the purpose.

Another example: gangsta rap. For some reason, even though gangsta rap is way more “hardcore” than what I am advocating for, as it actively calls for committing the heaviest of crimes, I don’t see you being particularly mad about it. Okay, well, think about what I’m doing as “gangsta rap.” I’m legitimizing things that are otherwise not considered legitimate, in order to create a subversive counter-culture against the Puritan-Feminist mainstream, which counter-culture may eventually end up establishing an island of liberty in this oppressive world. Point is: gangsta rap is pretty desensitizing, in its own way.

If you’re not mad about Ice Cube, don’t be mad about me.

Sexlessness is The Real Problem in Our World

Whatever you think about “rape,” I want you to realize that our world is plagued with sexlessness. Sexlessness is much worse than “rape.” Rape serves an evolutionary end. Sexlessness is evolutionary death. It’s the opposite of being alive. A sexless person is one who is buried alive. “Rape” is just a temporary inconvenience, at least in most cases. When rape is legal, and society embraces patriarchal monogamy, the problem of sexlessness will be no more. That’s what I want to see happening.

And legalization of “rape” will free all men who’ve ever been falsely accused of “rape.” Most rape accusations are false. The more you consider the merits of rape legalization, the more you’ll realize that I am not actually such a “horrible person.” I am full of empathy – and I’m using my logical brain to direct my empathy where it should be directed, which is towards my fellow men who genuinely suffer in our world: the men who are buried alive as they live with sexlessness, and the men rotting in jail either because they were falsely accused of “rape,” or because the definition of “rape” has been broadened to include situations that in any sane world would not seem immoral at all. I want to help them all, and if I can do my part by running a blog that is like “sex-criminal (thought-criminal) Onion,” that’s what I’m gonna do.

(Speaking of morality: what is really immoral is women flaunting their sexuality and expecting not to be raped. I’ll write a post about that in the future, probably titling it: “Supporting Female Modesty Doesn’t Make Me a Puritan.” For preliminary reading, read this. It’s not about rape, actually. But you’ll see where I’m going with this)

It’s Time to Win The Sex War

What you have to realize is that, being a pedophile/manospherian, lots of women want to exterminate you. They want you dead. And they’ve been pushing for more and more Puritan-Feminist laws to make your life as miserable and as short possible. Rape is the counter-strike. Rape, as I wrote recently, put women back in their place. They want to kill us; we just want to legalize the resistance to the gynocentric tyranny.

And by the way, here’s an example of me being a moderate: there are plenty of those who actually do support a wholesale extermination of women. I am not one of these people, but believe me, I understand where they’re coming from. While I think that there should be a debate about whether or not all women deserve to be exterminated, my personal view is that they shouldn’t. Rather, we should use women for our own purposes. To do that, Blue Knightism and White Knightism have to be rejected. When men gain access to young women — I believe that females should be married off at 10 or a few years earlier, and give birth to a child no later than at 13 — then the reproductive telos of humanity will come into fulfillment. That’s the vision I envision for humanity, in an ideal world, which may never come to pass. But perhaps at some point, in some place, we’ll again have preteen and teen marriage as existed (and even today still exists, though Puritan-Feminists are trying to change that) throughout most history.

Right now, there are millions of incels all over the world. As more and more men reach the age of clear horniness, they, too, will look for answers to their misery. I want them, these GenZers and GenAlphas, to find our movement and join us. As Nathan Larson would say: they have “nothing to lose bu their virginity.” (I really liked that line)(I really wish more pedos had such a great sense of humor) But seriously, this reality of male sexlessness is shameful, and requires a solution. One of the solutions is legalization of rape. Now the ball is in your court to explain why this position is “wrong.”

One Last Thing (Different Subject): Infantilization is The Dumbest Thing a Pedophile Can Engage In

I’ve already written about it, and may write some more about it. Suffice it to say here that the position of this blog is that infantilization in all its forms is inherently a negative thing, and de-infantilization in all its forms is inherently a positive thing. You’d think that, of all people, pedos would be the first to realize it, but alas, that’s not the case. Now that’s just a subject I wanted to bring up, because it’s crucial that all of us understand that this project has a logic behind it, and that those who act illogically are, well, counterproductive. But more on that at another time.