I always like being several steps ahead of my Blue Knight adversaries. So why not be 4 or 5 centuries ahead of them? I offer here a tiny glimpse into a possible dystopian future.

Today we have policemen pretending to be teen or preteen females chatting up MAPs and then sending them to prison for committing “lewd” jimbo-jumbo or whatever it’s called. But why not go all the way about this? Perhaps the Blue Knights will figure out that the best technology of the future can be utilized for such an “important” goal as jailing men for their sexuality. Remember: nothing in the world is more important than sending men to prison or to the gallows for their sexuality. The very raison d’etre of civilization is to jail men for their sexuality. Right, Knights? Riiight. So let’s take this thing into its logical end-point.

In the future, a shifting of the shape will be possible. And that will make some interesting things happen. As a “pedo,” I’d wonder what it’s like to see old women transform themselves into teenagers. Of course, I support sex with real teenagers (and real preteens), but if it were possible to make old women into young women – why not? Seems like a worthy experiment. Furthermore, the tranny problem will also be solved in the future through shape-shifting technology, though that’s not my cup of tea. But whatever.

So, hey, why not put ourselves in the position of White/Blue Knights, and think for them what they could do to make our lives more miserable? Since it’s so important to jail us men for our sexuality — that’s the only thing that has ever been important, in fact — I’ll use my ability to imagine imaginary scenarios to help out our Blue Knight adversaries to destroy our lives. Really, Blue Knights, you should thank me for doing your job for you; being conservative dipshits, you Blue Knights lack imagination (that’s one reason you can’t imagine young sexuality existing), so I’m letting you use my imagination for your purposes.

Now, you’re Agent Smith, and you wanna send me to jail for my sexuality. Well you can start chatting with me by calling yourself “lolagirl14,” but you know that my IQ is high enough to sniff out that something is fishy here. You can also send actual 14-year-olds to chat with me or to seduce me, but what if they fail? What if something goes wrong? Or what if your “protocols” don’t allow you to use actual real teens for “pedo seduction”? Big problem for you, sir. But no worries. The future offers a solution.

Sir. Sir! All you have to do is actually become a teenage girl. We know that in Catholicism, there is the concept of “transubstantiation,” which means that the bread and wine of the Eucharist literally become the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. But the future will turn religious dogmas into physical reality. See, in order to send people like AmericanRifleman09 (horrible, horrible person!) to jail, you’ll have no choice but to step up your game. Big time. This guy’s IQ is surely no lower than my own (maybe even higher), and if I can sniff out your usual tricks, so can he. Gentleman, the only option you’ve got here now suggests itself: you’re going to transform into a preteen.

That’s the way to go. Having done the shifting of the shape, you are now a 35-year-old spook in the body of a naughty little 8-year-old girl. Other than age and sex, the rest of your traits are the same. You stay white. You stay a little bit — but only a little bit — chubby. You’re still a fucking dumbass. But now you have a hairless pussy between your legs. And oh, the “protocols” definitely allow you to play with it. “One rule for me, another rule for thee,” ain’t that right, spookie? Of course.

Now, having played some with your hairless pussy, you’re now ready to seduce AmericanRiflaman09 in order to imprison him. But you have to do it wisely. You can’t just approach him with a straightforward sex offer. No, you have to befriend him, you have to “let him into your world,” you have to make him fall in love with you. Then — when the iron is super hot, if you know what I mean — you’ll suggest to play doctor and patient. It’s just a game, isn’t it? Hehe. But what AmericanRifleman09 doesn’t know is that you have a secret button you can press, which instantly transforms you back into your 35-year-old self – it even brings back your weapons and uniform and all that.

“You are under arrest by the Federal Bureau of Investigation!” And then AmericanRifleman09 is put in front of a firing squad, since in the imaginary dystopian “utopian” future, that will be the only penalty for all the sex crimes. Killing men for our sexuality is the purest expression of “high culture.”

Isn’t that a lovely scenario? You’d like to do that, don’t you, Agent? I know you’re there, reading my blog. I know that you’re a paedocrite. Not only are you a pedo yourself, Agent, you’re also a cocksucker. You’ll enjoy seducing men, letting them touch you up, then pulling the handcuffs on them. That will give you satisfaction. You’ll get off on it. Already, you Blue Knights are pretending to be horny girls to lock us behind bars, and enjoying every single minute of this role-play. You won’t miss the chance to actually, literally become a horny girl, “for the sake of law enforcement and crime prevention.” Because, surely, that’s what you’re all about. You care so much about the “law.”

So, here you go, Agent. Tell your colleagues about my futuristic idea. You don’t have to give me any credit; say that it’s your own idea. (They won’t believe you, because you’re dumb and unoriginal and uncreative, but your ego won’t stop you from saying that) That’s what must be done, Agent.

Have a nice day, Agent.

Agent Smith (center) and Agent Jones (right) working on their MAP-entrapment game.