Yesterday I wrote a post about “Blue Knight pedophiles” at the request of a commentator, which post I thought was satisfactory. But another commentator explained the issue to me from different angle, which I should address also.

Here’s what Acid said as a reply to my original post:

It’s a good post, but I think he refers to pedophiles or openly teen-attracted people who are simultaneously blue knights, and put children and teenagers on pedestals alongside women, like some who criticize you in Heretic TOC claiming “child rape” and so, just as a heterosexual white knight puts women on a pedestal. It is not the same for a pedocrite who is a normal man attracted to teenagers or pedophile who seeks to distract the attraction to his own attraction by attacking others, as has been said.

I get it, now. So let me write my thoughts about this issue seen from this perspective.


One bizarre (in my view) tendency which I’ve encountered in the ‘pedosphere’ is a pedestalization of kids. You can call it “pedo-stalization.” That refers to pedos worshipping children in much the same way some masochistic or gynocentric men worship women. When men put women on a pedestal it’s called (or should be called) femdom; these men want women to dominate them, they want to be the servants of women, they see women as goddesses.

Same thing happens with some pedos and their mentality of ‘childdom’. They basically worship kids, extolling the virtues of prepubescent behavior, using ultra-idealizing language to describe children, perform the verbal equivalents of erecting statues to children – if you’ve seen some of it, you know what I mean.

I’m not saying that they’re a bunch of liars pretending to pedostalize children exclusively for the purpose of eventually, finally, fucking them. That’s because no amount of reverence and adoration for children can actually lead to adult-child sexual relations, in the current pedohysterical environment. I have no doubt that the pedos who pedostalize children genuinely feel that they’re doing something noble and virtuous. They actually do see children as “above” their lowly selves.

The reason for that is probably the same reason for them being attracted to prepubescents in the first place. That is, the same neurological mechanism that makes them want to fuck kids also makes them pedostalize kids. As someone who isn’t actually a pedophile (I could see myself fucking an 8-year-old female, but my primary attraction is to teenage females), this seems quite strange to me. But I’m a tolerant sort of a person, so I don’t mind strangeness, in and of itself. But let me go further.

I’ve never had those moments of realizing “OMG, I’m attracted to children – I’m a monster!” I’ve always been attracted to teenagers, always considered it perfectly normal, and I started to slowly view preteens as sexy the more I watched CP and the more I talked with people (pedos or not) about preteen sexuality. While I’m not really a pedophile, according to the standard definition, the Blue Knights will always see me as a pedophile, which is why I’ve no problem “identifying” as one. But my mentality is quite different than that of those who are “the real deal.”

Whatever mechanism is responsible for the phenomenon of pedostalization, it’s very silly and, to be honest, retarded. Children are not better people than everyone else, and the idea that they are superior and worthy of veneration as “little gods” is frankly incomprehensible for those who aren’t pedos. Obviously the pedos can’t help pedostalizing children, just as they can’t help but be sexually attracted to them, but the thing is, if you don’t go around fucking all the kids in town — because you have self control — I suggest you also consider regulating your pedostalization levels.

First of all, people who ain’t pedos will always look beneath all those layers kf pedostalization and see your naked sexual attraction to children. You can’t hide your pedophilia under the guise of pedostalization – and again, I’m not saying that that’s what you, the pedo, are trying to do. But get this: that’s what everyone, and I mean everyone, thinks that you’re doing. You may be the most honest child-idealizer on Earth, but due to coming across as disingenuous and manipulative, you’re harming your own political cause (assuming you have one) with this bizarre behavior.

Let me put it bluntly: people see your pedostalization as creepy as, if not creepier, than your actual sexual pedophilia. They know that you desire kids in a sexual way, which in itself makes them extremely biased against you; by pedostalizing children, you make the Blue Knights even more suspicious, paranoid, and outraged. If you can grasp the abstract concept of “counter-productivity,” now is the time to grasp it.

When was the last time you fucked a child? For many of you, the answer is “never.” Why? Because you know that currently it’s illegal, and try to avoid breaking the law, because you don’t want to go to jail. Very rational. But get this: pedostalization of children is another thing that you can use your self-control to regulate. You may have never considered the need to regulate this thing, since it’s not a crime, but my suggestion is that you start considering it, because it’s counterproductive. Not only does it make no logical sense to view children as inherently superior beings (on the inside we’re all kids anyway), it’s making otherwise open-minded people more suspicious of you.

Imagine being an open-minded person, visiting pedo websites to learn what pedos think. You expect to see expressions of sexual attraction to children in the same way heterosexuals are attracted to the opposite sex and gays are attracted to the same sex. Yet, what do you find? Kid-worship. You find pedos going out of their way to proclaim, in as romantic a language as they can muster, how much they want to defend children from harm, how much they want to “make children happy,” how much they see children as these noble beings that should be just “loved,” whatever that actually means. You don’t actually get to see what you were expecting to see: “I saw my niece in a little pink dress and I had an uncontrollably strong boner.” Oh no, you encounter extreme idealization of children that seems almost asexual. Many pedo websites actually look asexual, due to their being full of pedostalization.

In our thought experiment, what do you think that “you,” the curious open-minded person, would feel? Do you think that seeing that kind of stuff makes the other side see you as ‘better people’ for it? If that’s what you think, you’ve got a serious problem with your “theory of mind” faculties. No; you’re seen as nefarious, slimy manipulators who are using an idealizing language to hide your sexuality. They won’t dig much further to find out what the actual mechanism behind this behavior is. They (the curious people) will say to themselves “these guys are playing a disingenuous game; I’m not buying. Truly these people are sick.” That’s what I mean by being counter-productive: pedostalization makes people dislike the pedo cause even more than they normally would. It looks all fake and unjustified. Why can’t you just say “I find children sexy; deal with it.” Why complicate things by appealing to Blue Knight sentiments.

You can’t appeal to Blue Knight sentiments. You need to do the opposite. Deconstruct Blue Knight ideas. De-mystify children and child sexuality. That’s what I’m gonna do. You won’t find pedostalization on my blog. I want child sexuality to lose its aura of mystique, and become normalized.

Look at my Nancy Friday post. Do you see any pedostalization there? ZERO! And let me tell you: this is much, much more effective propaganda than idealization of children. Believe me. It can actually move people to accept child sexuality. Pedostalization, as honest as it is, does the opposite: it makes child sexuality look like some strange, otherworldly thing. It’s bad optics.

I’m running out of time. Hopefully, those who can grasp my position, will grasp it.