While I believe that rape (defined as “man forcing a woman to have sex with him, using force, explicitly against her will”) should be legal, and have proposed a system in which the legalization of rape can work fantastically well for everybody, I still believe that it’s worth noting that most accusations of rape are false, and often stem from vindictiveness against the accused man.

Furthermore, the fake rape industry is there exert control over men, as there’s an implicit threat directed against every single man in society that, should he somehow ‘misbehave,’ a woman can throw him in jail for it by claiming that he raped her. Even if he doesn’t eventually end up incarcerated behind bars, he’s still in a dire situation over it. God knows how many men are currently in jail for rejecting the sexual advances of some cunt, who decided to “get back” at them by hoaxing a ‘rape’ accusation.

“Statistics” are completely irrelevant. The people who create the statistics can design them to show whatever they want them to show; methodologies are designed ad hoc to prove whatever the “researcher” wants them to prove. It’s an exercise in futility and often circular logic.

Just use your sense of actual logic and, just as importantly, use your intuitive ability to sniff out bullshit when confronted with it. Whenever you hear any woman claiming “I was raped,” ask yourself whether or not the circumstances and the details make sense. Many times, they simply do not. Even if some kind of event has “happened,” it’s not so difficult to tell that the story as presented just doesn’t add up; for instance, a woman who keeps going back to her “rapist” over and over again should instantly be dismissed as a hoaxer.

Actual real life experience shows that most of the rape accusations made by women — or, occasionally, by some of their male “defenders” — are fabrications. In the past, people used to know that “I was raped” often means “I cheated on my husband,” but the Feminists made sure that people would forget about it. And it’s very easy to lie about rape, since such accusations always boil down to “he said vs. she said.”

Not just rape, but this entire “sexual harassment” thing is bullshit. One time a brother and a sister threatened to falsely accuse me of “improperly touching” the sister, because they were pissed off about me for not passively tolerating the sister’s actually abusive behavior towards me. But there were cameras all over, so that retard-tier idea of theirs was never attempted, as far as I know.

It’s all bullshit.