Whenever women enter the spaces of men, these spaces soon thereafter become uninhabitable for men, and so the men leave and these spaces become henhouses of bickering, gossip, and the occasional slapfight.

Just as the schools de-sexualize students by forcing males and females to be in the same rooms for hours on end while suppressing their own sexuality, the “integrated” workplace forces the men and the women who work together to suppress whatever sexual feelings they may have for each other; in fact sexual relations are often prohibited altogether, and as usual, it’s the men who are punished for any violation of the mandated asexuality.

I wouldn’t say that working with women is necessarily utter Hell; it can sometimes be fun, actually. But in all-too-many situations, sooner or later, the fun stops and the drama begins, and this female-generated drama is inevitable, because whenever estrogen is, there drama follows. Who needs this shit? Men and women should generally interact sexually, and I’d say that non-sexual interactions between men and women should be confined as much as possible to family relations. That is, if a woman is not related to you by blood, it is right and proper for you to relate to her in a, exclusively sexual way. Thus, men and women should work separately, and anyway women shouldn’t do the jobs of men, who are naturally the breadwinners of the household.

Doctor, I have a problem: all the blood has flowed from the rest of my body into the specific area of my penis. Can you explain why that could be, doc? *slaps her butt*

This brings us to the Manosphere, which has been infiltrated by women whose contributions are at best dubious and slim – and even that is debatable. Of all the female-authored articles I’ve read from so-called “Redpilled Women,” the only ones that stand out are some that JudgyBitch wrote a few years ago about what would happen if all men decided not to show up to work one day. These were fine articles, but otherwise I don’t see why the Manosphere should have women in it at all. The cons outweigh the pros, as women tend to enforce speech restrictions on men, thus limiting the scope of male debate; furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, many men have an “inner policeman” inside their head that tells them to police their own speech around women, lest these be offended. And that’s how liberty dies, folks.

In terms of activism, MRA activism is useless anyway; as I said, the real battle going on at the moment is the “battle of ideas,” not a battle of policies, since we currently have neither the power to make policies of our own, nor the ability to reverse the policies of our adversaries – in short, we are powerless in terms of our influence on policy, and so our only actual power, such as it is, is to influence the minds of audiences and especially younger people, so that in the future there may be a moment when we (meaning, our worldviews, not necessarily our own selves) gain actual power.

As you may have noticed, I follow groups outside the manosphere, such the NRx and the Alt-Right, and if I were to compare these last two groups, I’d say that the Alt-Right may be on the path to victory because it’s able to capture the minds of the youth, while NRx has lost due to inability (and obviously much unwillingness) to do the same. Since we’re in the business of winning rather than losing, we need to understand how crucial it is to put our worldview in simple language and in an “addictive” form, so that young people will both be able to understand our ideas and will want to be part of our sphere.

Since ours is not a battle of policies but a battle of ideas, we must invest in effective propaganda, and we must be able to think clearly about what it is that we’re promoting. The presence of women tends to obfuscate and muddy any such clarity, as — to paraphrase Robert Conquest’s Second Law — any movement not strictly pro-male will inevitably become just another branch of Feminism. If we are to be strictly pro-male, we can’t let considerations such as “what do women think about what we’re doing?” influence (limit) our thinking. Absolute freedom of thought is necessary, and in this case, that also means freedom from the all-intrusive thoughts of women.

All that said, I do not propose that female bloggers shut down their own blogs. I happen to enjoy the works of several female bloggers, who blog on various subjects, and I believe that every human being should contribute whatever they have to contribute, assuming there is an actual contribution to be made. I think that in the case of a few female bloggers, their contributions speak for themselves, and there is no reason to fight against them. We have enough enemies as it is.

However, these female bloggers should never become a part of the pro-male (or pro-male sexuality) movement and should never hold positions of power over men. They can help us from the side if they so choose, and some do in fact help us; that’s enough, and there is no need to grant them authority, because we have to be sovereign. There is something quite off-putting about seeing “woman leaders” in a men’s movement, and it makes for bad optics; as I wrote here, our propaganda has to be smart.