(Disclaimer: I don’t advocate it to my readers to engage in violence)

Although I don’t identify as MGTOW myself, here’s an argument in favor of MGTOW that you may not have considered.

We all know that women today are pieces of shit. As far as generalizations go, this one is one of the most accurate. They are not only solipsistic, entitled, and snobbish (Feminism looks very much like “Female Narcissism: The Ideology”), they also seem to completely lack empathy.

While men are dying doing risky and difficult jobs, such as constructing every single building on the face of the Earth and manning the factories etc., women mostly sit around in their offices and cubicles, gossiping about each other and drinking cups of diet crap. The greatest danger women face is papercuts; in fact, Feminists should claim that papercuts are a patriarchal conspiracy designed to harm the stryng, indepyndynt wymyn.

Really makes you think.

Do you see women checking their own female privilege? No, you don’t see that, because they believe that they’re the oppressed. Approximately 90% of the prison population is male; when was the last time this sexual disparity has been acknowledged by Feminists? The homeless are almost all men (because women can make pretty good money being prostitutes, which is the oldest and most parasitical occupation; don’t get me wrong, prostitution should be legal, but it’s still a purely parasitical calling), and the legislators as well as the judges discriminate in favor of women, in the laws they pass and in the sentences they issue, respectively.

This picture, which captures female privilege manifested blatantly, is from the blog “Freedom From The Gynocracy.”

Of course, you know all of that — you don’t need me to remind you of these facts — and this is not, strictly speaking, an MRA blog. Rather, my positions are more extreme than whatever the MRAs are currently pushing; I’m like the Hitler, Stalin, and Mao (all at once) of the manosphe, in terms of extremism.

Anyway, most striking of all when it comes to female lack of empathy is how cunts don’t give a shit about the sexual needs of the male population, despite those needs being unbelievably urgent and sharp. Nor do they care about men’s emotional well-being; that men endure years, decades, sometimes an entire life in absolute loneliness i.e romantic deprivation.

That leads us to MGTOW and to how fortunate women, in particular, are that MGTOW exists. Because the truth of the matter is that, for their wicked behavior, women deserve death. Forget Elliot Rodgers (he killed more men than women anyway); think about George fucking Sodini. George Sodini was epistemologically correct. He grasped that women are vicious, callous entities that feed on men’s labor while not giving men anything in return – actually, always demanding more and more things. And he snapped. He put bullets in them. Free bleeding!

As a misogynist, I completely support the Feminist movement of “Free Bleeding,” because I believe that men need to see women exactly for what they are: stinking cunts.

Since men have a very strong protective instinct (at least towards “women and children”), Sodini was an exception. But Sodini shouldn’t, necessarily, be the exception. Women have earned it, fair and square, that Sodinis would be the rule. Every single day they should thank God (whom many of them identify as their own vagina) for the fact that a Sodini didn’t slaughter them like swine.

That’s the issue: MGTOW, not as a statement but as an action, prevents women from being put underground by a Sodini every single hour of the day. Through MGTOW, men flee (or attempt to flee) from the reality of gynocentrism, and at last, do things for their own benefit. Instead of obliterating the female species, they disengage from the battle against it. They go on strike, instead of going on the offensive.

MGTOW, bitch, is the reason you’re not dead yet. If MGTOW were not an option, if men were reminded of their inferior status, social marginalization, and exclusion from a fulfilling life all day every day, with no way out of this nightmarish reality, the result — ineluctably — would’ve been rivers of female blood, and it wouldn’t have been the blood of liberated menstruation, trust me. MGTOW, like a pressure release valve, is there to keep men from finally snapping and, like a cornered animal, lashing out at the privileged sex (women) with the fury of a 1,000 bullets.

MGTOW, not the ‘movement’ but the actual lifestyle, is the number one reason why women don’t get the Sodini treatment every day.

This is a blog of peace. Peace, and even tranquility.

Now tell me, cunt: do you have any complaints about MGTOW? Do you perchance have some reservations about their less-than-worshipful attitude towards you, hmmm? Yeah – shut the fuck up, and get the fuck out.

For your own well-being, that is.