“What are you even hoping to achieve with these over-the-top articles?”

The first thing I have to do to revive and enliven the alt-manosphere (manosphere 2.0) is snap you out of your boredom, sir. The reason you were bored out of your mind, yawning non-stop, breathing deeply and slowly as your eyelids were feeling heavier, and eventually falling asleep in front of the screen, is that in 2012 or at the latest 2013, the original manosphere (manosphere 1.0) had gone also to sleep – and hasn’t woken up ever since.

Take “Game,” for instance. Everything that had to be said about it, has already been said about it – half a decade ago. To act like this is some kind of a revolutionary idea is ridiculous. Likewise, there is nothing you can “add” to MGTOWism: either you decide to remove women from your life as much as possible, or you don’t decide to do such a thing. That’s the MGTOW praxis, while the theories don’t really serve any purpose other than legitimizing said praxis. One of the best things about the MGTOWs is their ability to trigger women just by virtue of existing, since women recoil in horror at the thought of being invisible to men. That said, if you’re not going to decide to shun women, MGTOW doesn’t offer you much.

MRAs have partly succeeded in mainstreaming the fact that Feminists are a bunch of hypocrites who pretend to value egalitarianism even as they advance outright female supremacy. This is key, because this achievement on the part of MRAs lies entirely in the world of ideas. That is, not a single Feminist law has actually been abolished as a result of MRA activism; but the public perception of Feminist legislature has shifted, to an extent. Alas, the MRA train has reached its final destination and has nowhere to go anymore, seeing as in 2018 the Feminists, the SJWs, the bluehairs, and the catladies have been thoroughly discredited in the public’s eyes.

Here’s the lessons to be learnt from MRA activism: 1) reversing Feminist policies is extremely difficult as they are deeply entrenched and impervious to whatever goes through the public’s collective mind; 2) the area where triumphs can be had is that nebulous sphere known as “thought space,” because a good idea can’t — on its own — defeat a bad policy, but a good idea can defeat a bad idea.

Now, there has been a trend of high-IQ individuals hopping from ideology to ideology, partly due to the sheer force of novelty seeking, and partly due to processing new information and forming and then re-forming their worldview according to ever more nuances. So, the Manospherian of 2012 (who was probably a male Feminist in 2010) became the Neo-Reactionary of 2014, then became the alt-righter of 2016, and probably 2018 will be the year of full-blown Nazism. Quite a journey that has been! Since a lot of high-IQ thinkers have either become Nazis now, or simply dropped out of the internet to do “real life” things, the landscape of the Manosphere, once a fertile ground for seeing the world through a ground-breaking lens, is like a barren desert; go over the blogs of 2012 and you’ll find out that something like 90% are offline, and the few ones that are online are mostly shit-tier. But I’m just repeating myself at this point.

At any rate, it is the “battle of ideas” that matters now, not any kind of other battle. This point cannot be stressed enough. Look what it says in my profile: “I am Going to Abolish the Age of Consent.” Am I going to do it within the next 10 years? Probably not. I can’t reverse in laws simply by writing a blog. What, then, can I do by writing a blog? Influence people in the “world of ideas.”

Hmmmm……. a world made up of “ideas”?

At this point you could ask: “okay, but why did you choose a trollish style; why not write scholarly works in straight-faced dead-serious tone?” The answer is twofold: for one, I may be intelligent, but I’m not a scholar, have never been to academia, and I don’t particularly enjoy doing scholarly-type writing. I leave that for the brainiacs who love that kind of stuff; I enjoy doing what I’m currently doing. The other thing is, I care about being effective, and writing a book (or a blog that reads and feels like a book) seems unproductive to me. Nowadays, “a random guy with a frequently updated blog” can have more influence than most “long form” nerds with their libraries full of notes.

Assuming we have established here the necessity of winning the war of ideas, following the examples of all recent social movements starting with MRAs and finishing with (gasp) modern Nazis, and having explained why I personally prefer to be an outrageous iconoclast than a softly-expressed bookworm, let me proceed to the content of my writing and why I believe that it’s good content and that I should keep producing it.

Well, having exhausted all there is to say about Game/PUA, MGTOW, and MRAism, one can either drop out of the manosphere, (as many indeed have done,) as it has reached a dead-end, or show that actually, the manosphere hasn’t even started doing what it should be doing, which is — you guessed it — winning the battle of ideas. Granted, if by “battle of ideas” one means “proving that Feminists are hypocritical,” then yeah, the MRAs have done that already, as I have said already. If, however, we look at the issue that in my view matters the most, which is the issue of sexuality in general, and young sexuality in particular, we find that the manosphere has almost never even existed.

Do you realize what this means? There is an entire field to be explored that, for the last two decades, or maybe half century, mainstream MRAs have pretty much just totally ignored. And factually, this is the case: most MRAs have not challenged the AOC and “statutory rape” laws, have not said a single word about my favorite hobby-horses: legalization of CP (Child Pornography) and also the other kind of CP (Child Prostitution); nor have they ever dared go so far as proposing to legalize rape, outright. Frankly, many MRAs are very obsessed with what Feminists might think about them, deny it as they will. Now, are my positions too extreme, ask you? If I can keep this blog going for at least 2 more years, and if you keep reading it for 2 more years, you’re gonna adopt my views about these issues – believe me.

Had there been a manosphere dedicated entirely to the things that my blog is dedicated to: advocating the legalization of rape, pedophilia, and child prostitution, it could have won lots of people to its side, and as I explain here, this is what counts in the long-term; in the short-term nothing has changed at all. That manosphere 1.0 died (of sheer boredom) is a sign that a new approach is indispensable. I envision a group of dedicated bloggers writing frequently about “legalization of rape, pedophilia, and child prostitution,” so that what is taboo in 2018 will not be taboo anymore within a decade.

'That guy believes in time travel. He said he'd knock me into next week.'
I’m gonna knock you all the way to 2028, bro.

Of course, you can keep doing what you’ve been doing so far. But if you’re offended by me calling you “ineffective,” well, cry some more bitch – your audience has deserted you to become Nazis; how pathetic is that? And that happened because you failed to make any significant proposition for a very, very long time. So I’m making here some “significant propositions” indeed, and you’ll end up with an egg all over your face if I’m able to move the culture in this “battle of ideas” over to my side, being relevant. And if I fail, at least you could say that I gave it a shot, and perhaps someone else would pick up the torch, in such a hypothetical scenario.

But I plan on succeeding, not on failing. All the things which the manosphere has been afraid to touch for all this time, oh, I’m going to touch them alright. And if I win the war of ideas by being thought-provoking and relevant, in that case we all win. If you grasp the inner logic of what I’m saying, you should realize why trolling “ballistically” is the smartest thing one can do, in my position. That’s the way forward – capturing youth culture. That’s what this has been about all along, for all of us – convincing younger generations of our worldviews.

Are you going to convince younger generations to embrace your worldview by throwing lengthy scholarly books at them, or by dropping mad trolls on them? Check-mate, grandpa.