The reason we men, despite being vastly superior to women mentally and physically, have miserably failed in trying to secure our interests is that we haven’t tried to secure our interests.

Men aren’t only creators; we’re also givers. (In contrast, women are takers, by nature) Being the sole creators and givers, it follows that everything women have is due to us creating it and giving it to them. Think about anything women “have”: was it not created by us and given to them by us?

For example, the abstract concepts of “universal suffrage” and “human rights” were both invented by various male thinkers throughout the ages, then eventually given to women almost like a heavenly gift – altruistically, free of charge. And what’s true of abstract concepts is true as well when it comes to technology, science, and everything in the concrete realm. We gave them civilization; they gave us nothing.

Because “sperm is cheap and eggs are precious,” we never cease giving women more and more things, and they never cease taking the things we give them. One theory used to describe this constant state of affairs is the “Gynocentrism Theory,” which shows how everything in society is centered around servicing women and female interests. Rollo Tomassi of the “Rational Male” has his own way of putting this idea into words, and those who haven’t already are advised to check out his blog.

Whatever you choose to call it, the fact of the matter is that, in all affairs without exception, it is the well-being of women that is promoted, at the expense of our own. War, for instance, disproportionately harms men, who are always the overwhelming majority of the slain and the maimed. (That did not stop Hillary Clinton from once saying that “women are the primary victims of war, because women lose husbands, sons, fathers, and brothers” – a sentence memorable for its extreme solipsism) (Hillary is a worthless cunt and I hope she descends into the grave before Bill, though that’s unlikely because currently female life-expectancy is longer)

Going beyond the rule that “sperm is cheap and eggs are precious” to examine the specific bio-psychological mechanism that works to make Gynocentrism a reality, we find that men have an innate protective instinct that is activated at all times, an instinct (or perhaps impulse) driving men to seek out and destroy anything that may potentially “endanger” women and children. This overactive protective instinct stands at the heart of every law passed to elevate women or “defend” kids and teenagers from the undoubtedly scary menace known as the “sex life.”

The reason why Feminists keep winning every battle, and why the Age of Consent exists in the first place, is unreasonably high (any AOC higher than 10 is unreasonably high), and is forever rising, is that we’re PWNED by our own protective instinct, which, as I said, is overactive.

While considering the issue of genetic engineering applied to humans, we may want, among other things (like making women hornier), to curb our own excessive protective instinct. The paradox, of course, is that in order to convince men as a collective that we should genetically engineer ourselves to have a more constrained protective instinct (and that women should be made hornier), we must overcome… the protective instinct. That’s the problem right there.

The human brain is flawed.

Gynocentrism asserts itself through our own overactive protective instinct.