The one and only reason for the alt-right’s ignoring Chris Brand (he was only mentioned by manosphere individuals, not by alt-right individuals) was his statements regarding teenage sexuality. Chris Brand was as anti-PC as they get and realistic about all the issues that alt-righters see as at the core of their ideology. Alas, once you swallow one too many redpills — once you apply your realism to teen sexuality — the Blue Knightism surfaces and those who should be your followers simply ignore you.

According to his Wikipedia page, this is what his “controversial” position was:

Brand argued that sex with a consenting partner over the age of 12 was not harmful so long as both partners had an above-average IQ.

So it’s not like he said what I say: that Child Prostitution should be legal. He did not go that far. All he said is that, well, if that nerdy 12-year-old chick over there is already fantasizing about your cock while bringing herself to a climax with her toothbrush, you may as well give her a good joyride. This is relatively tame stuff and in fact there are still countries with an AOC of 12; yet when was the last time anyone associated with the alt-right mentioned Chris Brand? Try “never.” (Perhaps some alt-righter mentioned him, but I don’t recall it ever happening)

The term pedohysteria (paedohysteria) was coined by Chris Brand, as per TheAntifeminist. We often complain about the Anglo proclivity for pedohysteria, but this Anglo literally invented that brilliant term, which I use very often. The man was a hero, in my view. It actually angers me that he received no eulogies from any alt-right figures, despite his statements about race and so on. I guess when it comes to being good ol’ Blue Knights, the alt-righters are exactly like SJWs: “one strike and you’re out.” Shame, really.