Pedohysteria is the Fourth Wave of Feminism.

The Manosphere has been taken over by individuals whose mission it is to turn MRAism into “Feminism for Men,” whose worldview is egalitarian at best and thoroughly feminized at worst, and who affirm all the Feminist insanity that has been shoved down our throats, with the exception of the very latest excesses thereof. The “Movement” has succumbed to utter faggotry, and the people involved lack any historical perspective outside the time-frame of their own lives.

The American Alt-Righters inspired by Encyclopedia Dramatica and 4/8chan are the willing dupes and the useful idiots of the very system they claim to oppose, and are short-sighted in their fixation on Jewish influence and assorted racial matters to the exclusion of issues stemming directly from the rotten core of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant America. That is because they are essentially Conservative Puritans and as such Anglo-American Puritanism is an integral part of their psyches.

The Neo-Reactionaries are likewise Conservative Puritans (or at least that’s what they have become since 2013) and while they would like to turn back the clock on many modern lunacies, as one would expect from “Reactionaries,” they don’t have the requisite testicular fortitude to state that, along with all the changes that they would make to the fabric of modern society, which changes amount to going back to 1820 on many important issues, they’d also go back to 1820 on the issue of “Pedophilia.” That, apparently, is one of the issues which your modern Reactionary is quite comfortable giving up to the “Progressives” of the latest two centuries.

You’re all a bunch of cowards, wusses, pussies, manginas, weaklings, and faggots.

My name is Tom Grauer and here at the Daily Antifeminist I’m going to advocate and propagandize for a genuine pro-sexual worldview. I’ll stake out the most extreme (and most correct) position about the issue of “Pedophilia” and call for the absolute abolition of all “Sex Crime” legislation, including and especially Age-of-Consent / Statutory Rape laws, “Child Pornography” laws, and “Underage Prostitution” laws. I also support the conmplete abolition of schools aka “kid prisons.”

Concept Introduction: the Blue Knight

Like his White Knight counterpart, the Blue Knight (as in “Blue Balls”) is any man on the internet and beyond the internet whose excessive, over-reactive protective instinct is commanding him to set out to “defend” children from “sexualization” or “exploitation,” blah-blah-blah voodoo mumbo-jumbo. As the White Knight goes out of his way to propose ways to protect women from the consequences of their own behavior, the Blue Knight is preoccupied with protecting children from the consequences of their own sexuality. Obviously their methods are identical: attack the “evil men” who “corrupt the poor women and children.” Indeed, it’s no coincidence that the feminized phrase is “women and children,” as the impulse to “protect” both groups is one and the same.

This feminized sense of false morality has taken over the entire Manosphere and the entire Alt-Right, with all their assorted constituents — MRAs, PUAs, MGTOWs, Nationalists, Ethnonationalists, Tradcons, Natsocs, Libertarians, Ancaps, Reactionaries, NRxers, Fundamentalists, etc. — going along with it, often enthusiastically.

The time has come to build something new.